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His dead body is found in the prison laundry room, and the warden orders a lockdown to punish the prisoners.

The prisoners suffer isolation in their cells while Graffiti continues to rape Dre.

A corrupt guard named Perez who is on Graffiti's payroll warns the neo-Nazi not to retaliate but Graffiti and the gang kill one of Clean Up's men anyway.He blames it on the new arrival Cashmere, but Cashmere denies his involvement.Cashmere suggests that Avery must have been the informant as they revealed their drug smuggling operation to him when they unsuccessfully tried to recruit him. Tensions run high in the prison with the power vacuum after Graffiti's death and soon a riot spontaneously develops in the prison yard, with prisoners from rival gangs jumping in to settle their scores.Avery, who was on his way to see Dre after his girlfriend asked him to look after him, despite Malachi's warnings not get involved, jumps in to protect Dre and starts pummeling Graffiti.A brawl erupts as the other Neo Nazi's come to Graffiti's aid and Malachi jumps into the fight, throwing one of Graffiti's men over the second floor railing, before the COs subdue the inmates.

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