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How do you market yourself so as to create awareness of your difference, your uniqueness, that elusive "je ne sais quoi" that separates you from the competition?Download brochure (pdf) This fundamental conundrum faced Delaney and Gilligan in 2007 when they set out to transition from a single destination DMC to a multi-destinational, global company: Ovation Global DMC brand at over 100 locations around the world.But without culture there's no reason to travel at all, no real meaning to the journey.Download brochure (pdf) Delaney and Gilligan are lifelong friends who started to work together within the Meetings and Events industry in 1994.You've been at the entrance to the ballroom twice before but, each time, found good reasons not to go in. You then convince each other it's a boring party and leave. " You reach for the "Open Door" button faster than a politician's promise and gallantly hold the elevator as the magnificent Tina Hoffman enters, Chief Buyer at Graba, the biggest user of hospitality and out-sourced meetings services in your region.First time, when you looked into the room, there was nobody there. She thanks you profusely as the door closes and selects the 35th floor. How do you describe your value proposition in easy, bite-sized portions so that it's tantalizingly appetizing, causing your prospect to want more?The digital revolution came as a consequence of the internet and changed the face of the business world to the extent that the acronyms BC and AD might be interpreted as "before computers" and "after digital".

You've planned a killer site inspection, leaving nothing to chance and in ninety minutes time you're certain you'll be sipping champagne with the client, the business secure.The client suddenly materialises in the lobby and you wave at her in giddy anticipation.You open your arms to welcome her warmly and just then the fire alarm goes off...Researching security issues, hedging currencies, working with different time zones and negotiating the delights of VAT are some of the mysteries that Gilligan and Delaney solve for you in this entertaining, engaging and highly interactive session.You stand in the lobby your eyes fixed at the door.

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