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The timeline of events is not as simple as it seems, but this, my friends, is vaguely how I got married. A love story that will leave your heart beating madly. I went to a prestigious private college in the outskirts of Cairo.Of course, there are further details to the commencement of this love story. A love story that will be narrated in the next paragraph. Even though this particular college was not recognized internationally and had no rank whatsoever worldwide, in my mind, I was in a classy university.

I was left standing alone, confused, trying to remember his last name. This is how my husband and I first met on April-something, 2009.

If you have any ideas for meetups, please feel free to create an event in our group.

This Meetup Group is a project of the Middle Eastern American Professionals Association (MEAPA), a 501(c)3 charitable group dedicated to promoting Middle Eastern and Arabic culture and community.

Performed by Coptic Egyptian-German singer Merit Ariane Stephanos and Reverend Shafiq Abouzayd - the senior Melkite priest in Britain - along with Lebanese-born singer and oud player Najib Coutya, with Hala Arsalan, a Syrian-British soprano, such traditions embody the pluralism of Arab culture."Arab communities are really proud of their diverse heritage, whether Muslim or Christian.

With her distinct and humorous storytelling, Soad offers her personal account of courtship in the Middle East. Originally from Egypt, she currently lives in Azerbaijan.

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