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I'm not at all into the (very limited number of) gay bars here, also (unfortunately) not massive into sports. It's getting so bad that I'm considering leaving Brussels (I otherwise like Brussels! I noticed an LGBT group on there recently and other interest groups you might find appealing. G., the English-speaking Gay Group, was started in 1986, as a way to make new acquaintances and to have a drink and pleasant conversation with friends in a relaxed and very casual atmosphere - without having to shout over eardrum-blasting music.If you think it's hard to meet (gay) men in Brussels, try being a 40-something woman! Not excluded, of course, is the possibility of your finding the man or woman of your life at one of our parties.Our parties have been running between 20 and 30 or more people recently. If you are not fluent in English, that is not a problem.We ask 3 euros participation - for the cost of mailings and the like - at each party one attends. You are certain to find people who speak your language.

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The parties are held on Sunday afternoons from 3.30 to 7.00.So, yeah, if you happen to find a Belgian woman who has a lot in common with you, then she is definitely a keeper.The chat rooms for singles on a dating site is are absolutely free, and this is perhaps the coolest benefits of dating online.One of the best advantages of Belgium chat rooms online is the fact that they give you the power to venture out beyond the limitations and the potential of the society you dwell in.In other words, chat rooms can give you the opportunity to meet beautiful single women in Belgium.

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