Kate perry dating

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Canadian singer The Weeknd - real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye - and Katy arrived separately to the eatery, before joining each other at a table inside for three hours.According to Glamour magazine, the duo were sat inside the Italian restaurant until midnight before heading home separately in different vehicles.

Orlando was pictured looking extremely cosy with Selena last spring, when released photos showed the two stars cuddling and nuzzling each other's necks at a Las Vegas nightclub.Meanwhile, just a few days earlier, The Weeknd was seen leaving his ex Bella's New York apartment late before sprinting to a waiting car.'He is talking to Bella a lot and they’ve hung out too. The Weeknd and Bella began dating in early 2015 but took a break in December of that same year, spending the holidays apart.They got back together soon after and made their red carpet debut as a couple in February 2016 at the Grammy Awards.'She didn't like that everyone thought Orlando had cheated on her with Selena in Vegas that time - even though Orlando and Selena said they were just friends, it was very embarrassing for her.'Katy is not doing anything wrong right now - Selena has moved on from [The Weeknd] with Justin [Bieber] but I think she'll love the idea that Selena will be shocked when she sees Katy and her ex out together.'If she does get upset, it'll be payback for how Katy felt after THOSE Vegas pictures.As Taylor Swift knows, Katy doesn't forget people who've made her look bad, and she thinks revenge is a dish best served cold.'The Weeknd and Katy went to popular West Hollywood restaurant Madeo earlier this month.

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