My roommates are dating

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It falls under the "Don't sh*t where you eat" advice umbrella, along with not dating coworkers.

Oh, and that’s not even mentioning the paper thin walls 😉 4.Think how annoyed you got living with siblings or naggy parents. You’ll find out about all the things they do that would probably have been kept secret until a year into a normal relationship, like how many days they’ll wear the same pair of pants for or how often they masturbate.If sharing a pleasant evening in with a mouth-watering microwave meal and a bottle of Aldi’s “white wine” isn’t already romantic enough for you, other housemates around the table talking about their post-kebab shag last night will really top off that ‘love is in the air’ atmosphere you were aiming for.But you’re already living together so collect £200 because you’re way past GO.While it’s like being thrown in at the deep end, which is pretty scary, living together forces you to just be yourself and ultimately makes you super comfortable around each other. There’s no such thing as privacy Housemates have no boundaries.

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