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2016 has been the most challenging year for the RLIRA Africa committee with the downturn in the economy, the ever increasing difficulty of members in finding employment as well as the deteriorating health issues some of our members are experiencing.

The Association has spent R153, 662 of welfare funds on 16 RLI ouens who desperately needed our help this last year.

Against this figure are expenses of R349 000 including royalties which puts this project in a near breakeven situation.

Profit on sale of memorabilia; Len Beechey was thanked for the tremendous effort he puts into the sale of memorabilia.

With this amendment, and as there were no other matters arising, the Minutes of the AGM held on the 25th August 2012 were adopted.

Proposed by Bill Wiggill and Seconded by Chris Ras.

The 'earn, learn and return' scheme aims to ease the NHS's staffing crisis whilst also training up developed countries' workforce.

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Hospitals have already been hiring foreign nurses en masse particularly from Spain, Portugal and the Philippines.A donation of R35 000 was made to the Shamwari Trust making the RLI RA (Africa) the biggest single contributor to the Shamwari Trust compared to any of the other units involved with the Trust. Debtors amount to R58 000 including outstanding membership fees and royalties from overseas sales of the Africa’s Commandos books. Proposed by Chris Ras and Seconded by Bucks Theron.Stock on hand is R65 000 which includes R10 600 of the Africa’s Commandos books at cost. Secretaries Report – Secretary Alan Strachan Correspondence has been of a general nature, mainly in the form of round robin emails received throughout the year inviting members to memorial services, parades, shows and other association’s activities.But these recruitment drives have had limited success with many nurses going back to their own country after a few months.This is the first scheme to hire nurses on temporary placements of two to three years to improve their training and experience.

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