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If you are looking for a recent one and you are close to the family of the deceased, this challenge will be insignificant, but if you are collecting information about a distant ancestor, there may not be enough family members alive to remember all the relevant details.This is where you will have to embark on a full-scale search, using both online and offline resources.Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive list of Massachusetts newspapers.Lack of information is really the major challenge in an obituary search.As a whole, county authorities, libraries, and historical societies are great sources of information due to their in-depth focus on the local history, and could provide you with information that is not available anywhere else.Perhaps the best source of obituary information, however, is public libraries.

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However, locating an obituary can be time-consuming -- the older it is, the more time you would have to spend searching for it. One is that the newspaper that the obituary appeared in may be well out of circulation, so you might not be able to rely on the paper's own archives.

The State Archives keeps records for the period 1841 to 1920, indexes of which are available online.

The information in these records typically includes name, dates of birth and death, place of residence, occupation, and names of parents.

Another reason is that even if the newspaper still exists, it will almost certainly not have a digital archive of all its back issues.

In these cases, you can directly contact the paper and ask them to perform an obituary search for you, granted that you have all the relevant details such as full name of the decedent and the exact or at least approximate date when you believe the obituary was published.

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