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Petrone bought Lucy, a Bernese Mountain dog, a year and a half ago after the dog he grew up with in Hamilton, Ont., passed away.He missed the companionship that came with having a pet in his life. lap dog” tags along on cottage getaways, hangs out at backyard barbeques, and listened to him explain the rules of soccer during the FIFA World Cup.“This is going to sound so weird — I talk to her all the time,” says Mr.

Catharines, Ont., who specializes in human-animal relationships.For many people focused on building their careers like Mr.Petrone, 25, pets are becoming replacement girlfriends and boyfriends, and the proof is in the statistics.After being forced to give Whiskey up to his suburban parents when he moved to a no-pets condo, he realized he was lonely and saw an opportunity.Realizing many young apartment dwellers also miss their pets, Mr. “[You] may not be ready to take another person onto that journey yet but…

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