Serbian dating traditions

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The Cathedral can be visited daily between 7am and 6pm. Craftsmen's fairs and folk shows are held here periodically. Where: 12 miles east of Timisoara Access: car, bus, train

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Conquered by Turkish armies in 1552, Timisoara remained under their protection until 1718 when the region of Banat came under Austrian rule for two centuries.

In the old Sephardic cemetery, graves dating to the Turkish occupation may be seen, the oldest belonging to Azriel Assael, a Rabbi and surgeon who died in 1636. The town is home to the mighty 15th century Corvinilor Castle, one of the most important examples of gothic architecture in Central and Eastern Europe.

A century latter, Rabbi Meir Amigo and four followers from Istanbul were allowed to settle in the city. Admission charge Exhibits of textiles, folk costumes, and glass-painted icons are on display. Arhitect Laszlo Szekely 1 Tel: 0724 592.379 Open: Mon. For more information about Corvinilor Castle please visit:

Sinuous lines and floral decorations characterized the first phase which lasted until 1908.

The second phase, which continued until the First World War, saw simpler, larger buildings with geometrical designs.

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