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Top Chef is a cooking show that uses a progressive elimination format.The beginning of each season starts with twelve to nineteen professional chefs selected through auditions.High-stakes Quickfire Challenges continued onward in further seasons.The twelfth season of Top Chef introduced the "Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge", where the chef with the poorest dish faces immediate elimination unless they win a cook-off against another competitor.The Quickfire challenge traditionally begins with the host saying "Your time starts now" and ending with the host saying "Hands up, utensils down".

On January 24, 2017, Bravo announced that it had renewed Top Chef for a fifteenth season.

The chefs are brought to the season's host city or state, which typically inspires themes throughout the season.

The chefs live in a provided apartment or house during the course of the season, and normally do not have access to outside communication.

After shopping, the contestants will cook for up to four judges, usually including at least one guest judge.

In most cases, the contestants cook for a group of guest diners as well.

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