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The specific system for multi-material selective door-to-door collection was implemented starting in 2015, while in 2016 they launched a study to examine the applicability of a similar approach to the household waste, in order to develop a system fitting all the inhabitants.The results in Porto are low contamination of the selectively collected waste (below 8.5%) for the three key waste streams: paper and cardboard, plastics and metal and glass.

Another success is Tallinn’s deposit and refund scheme on packaging, managed by the Estonian company Eesti Pendipakend, achieving return rates for plastic bottles (87%), metal cans (64%) and glass bottles (89%), exceeding the national law requirements.

The municipality then invested €9,000 in setting up six specifically designed containers for commercial paperboard in strategic points, and collection service frequency was increased up to three times a day.

Dedicated mix of instruments for better facilitation of selective collection A set of economic and technical instruments and solutions are required to facilitate selective collection of waste in order to make it simple for both the residents and other waste generators and waste operators.

The film's telescoping of history (which results in such distortions as Stalin's direct exclusion of Lotman from the faculty at Leningrad's State University), strange comparisons (such as that between Lotman's, Hitler's and Einstein's mustaches), and uncritical commemoration of Lotman's views might limit interest in the film as "serious" documentary or critical contribution.

In fact, Nelk's creative direction directly incorporates and indirectly interrogates some of Lotman's most compelling claims about transformative cultural collisions.

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