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The main forces of the "agents of influence", according to tradition, United and consolidated by the phenomenon of the "old Testament" of solidarity, the circumstances of homosexual preferences.

According to experts, in the conditions of the existence of "States within the state" many of the current rulers of the leading countries to a greater extent are the official newsmakers, rather than relate to direct leadership of their countries.

Informal annual conference of the Bilderberg group, since 1954, are held in complete secrecy.

The bet is placed on an all-out confrontation with Moscow, the collapse of Russian-Ukrainian relations in all spheres, including the humanitarian field, increasing provocative actions.

According to foreign experts, most likely, they discussed the approved agenda, and accept the relevant decisions.

The Bilderberg group, like other similar organizations (Roman club, the Trilateral Commission, etc.), serve to divert attention from the true "kitchen of the world policy", which considers "Chaldean sages".

In ideological and political terms the emphasis is on deliberate hostile propaganda, fake (false) coverage, and aggressive Russophobia of Ukrainian national-chauvinism, the demonization of government and, above all, the Russian President and discredit his supporters.

In the media and the Internet the "deep" States" is called a branched network of corporations in the national States, acting in close cooperation with international organizations global impact.

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